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Director: Menno  Fokma
Producer: M+F
DOP: Jarl Piepers
Edit: M+F
Specials: Shai Langen
Costume & Styling: Roxanne Mion
Device: Kjell Van Norel
Actor: Joris Van Grunsven
Location: Soesterduinen

A man has, or thinks he has, connections with another planet. He’s acting to their cultural beliefs and mutates to their climate. Connection on earth is lost and he's abandoned by the people around him. Then it seems he found a way to travel to their dimension. He leaves his valuable possessions behind as a final goodbye.
The project started ( back in May ) after we lost a few pitches and had the urge to create. Rulesset: a basic concept, achievable with our own gear and a minimal budget. Most important to have fun and enthuse other people to join us in creating. Krampfhaft is a musician and friend we’re connected with and often collaborate on (commercial) projects. The melancholic tonality in ‘Before We Leave’ grabbed our attention and was convoking to be translated into picture.
It’s shot on our own Lumix GH4 and lenses during the summer of 2014 in Soesterduinen.

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